NetFlix/WideVine modules....

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NetFlix/WideVine modules....

Post by MiqW7394 » Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:46 am

Morning, all.

Now then; I've a problem with NetFlix that's never reared it's head before, and was wondering if this is a bug with the current release.

I usually 'borrow' the '' module from a contemporary Chromium 'clone' (usually SRWare Iron), which works fine. I put this in /opt/slimjet, alongside the '' module, and everything just behaves itself.

This time around, NetFlix shows whatever the trailer is (as usual), I select what I want to watch, and.....I get a message, informing me that the module can't be found, and suggesting I update it from slimjet://components. Which would work if I could find it....

There's no sign of it under 'Components'..!!!

Anybody else come across this one......and is there a 'workaround' available?

Mike. ;)

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