[Feature] suggestion: Advanced Findbar

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[Feature] suggestion: Advanced Findbar

Post by SJ_Diamond » Sun Jun 15, 2014 5:48 am

Guess that would be simple to implement so i hope this suggestion is perhaps considered :)

Would be good if the findbar could be enhanced a little bit. Right now Chromium offers only a minimalistic style, would be good to freely change the location of it on the screen and enhance it with some more options.

If i refer for example to Maxthon - they have implemented exactly like that. A fixed location is not the best thing, different users, different productivity expectations.

Thanks for your time :)

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Re: Feature suggestion: Advanced Findbar

Post by flashpeak » Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:59 am

That's clearly worthy of improvement. I'd not worry about the location much. But it does seem worthwhile to add some basic options to it, such as "case sensitive" and "whole word only".
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Re: Feature suggestion: Advanced Findbar

Post by oftentired » Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:18 am


can it be done this way?

Ctrl+F gives you the simple bar which is useful in many instances for a quick find on a page that is annoying to read

Ctrl+F and then Ctrl+F again (when the simple search bar is already open could close the simple bar and) could open up a moveable advanced search window with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want while searching
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