Importing bookmarks from FireFox

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Importing bookmarks from FireFox

Post by Bierhund »

I didn't find anything in the search that would help me to import my bookmarks from FireFox. I've never used the Chrome browser, and most of the threads seem to deal with problems concerning that browser.

I'm new to Slimjet, and I hope to find a way to import my bookmarks because I have many, many of them. Other than that, so far, I like this browser. Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Importing bookmarks from FireFox

Post by sleeper10 »

Click the top right Menu, go to Bookmarks, Import bookmarks & settings. Should work, but if not, you can always put them on a flash drive & import them that way.

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Re: Importing bookmarks from FireFox

Post by josegimcam »

Go to Menu, bookmarks, bookmark manager, Organize and there it is.

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Re: Importing bookmarks from FireFox

Post by RBTB2605 »

Make sure that you exported your Firefox bookmarks to an html file and then they can easily be imported into Slimjet doing what the other folks have said to do.