Forum Issues

General discussion about Slimjet, or other issues related to web browser in general.
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Forum Issues

Post by thodgson »

I don't know if you can tune the search engine on your forum, but it keeps giving me "the words are too common to give results" message.

But these aren't stop words I'm talking about, these are words denoting Slim Jet features, so it's ridiculous that I can't get search results for
a query like "bookmarks side panel" or "bookmarks sidepanel" or "bookmarks sidepanel won't close". I *was* able to get results for "bookmarks sidebar". Go figure.

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Re: Forum Issues

Post by oftentired »

This the phpBB gift that keeps on giving.

It is not a problem with Slimjet it is a problem with the forum software. It has been a problem since they started using phpBB. There must be at least 15 to 20 complaints on the forum about it. You are not alone; everyone finds it to be annoying and ridiculous and any other words you can think of to describe it in polite society.

Anyway, the solution is to use Google search aimed at the forum.

If your not using Slimjet

Open google or use your browsers internet search feature and put this in the search, " ENTER YOUR SEARCH TERMS"

If your using Slimjet

You can put the "Search current site" icon on the toolbar and just click that and it will open a little window to put the search terms in without having to type the first part (
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