Google removes Plugin controls from Chrome 57

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Re: Google removes Plugin controls from Chrome 57

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That sounds bad for the user.

I think the author of the article fails to understand something when he writes this, "Google is removing control over plugins from the web browser, and is rightfully criticized for making that decision as it is anything but user friendly. Let us hope that Vivaldi and Opera won't follow Chrome's example."

That quote brings the assumption that browsers making use of the chromium engine (Vivaldi, Opera, Slimjet) have control over this as if it is code written by the developers of Vivaldi and Opera placed on top of the base chromium engine being changed instead of the engine itself. I'm thinking that is erroneous.
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Re: Google removes Plugin controls from Chrome 57

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the coders at opera and vivaldi (old ceo from opera) are highly skilled and tho based off blink chromium they are very different to chrome so i think the author is saying he hopes they just don't follow suit and take the easy route