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Re: Help Slimjet Grow

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Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:52 pm
flashpeak wrote:
Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:15 pm
There is only a small team of developers behind of the Slimjet project. While we and many of our users believe Slimjet is a great product, the amount of attention we have been getting is very little. Unlike big companies, we have very little resource to do paid advertising for Slimjet. The team members here are experienced developers but amateur marketers. Therefore, we can use every bit of help available to spread the words around about Slimjet.

Here is a list of websites that we would like to get Slimjet listed or reviewed together with the contact information of their editors. If you can help write an email to their editors recommending Slimjet on behalf of a happy user, that would be very helpful. Different users mentioning it multiple times would be better since it increases the chance of voice getting heard.

1. Gizmo's Freeware Best Web Browser list: ... rowser.htm

2. (technology blog)

3. Top ten internet browser view: dragon city hack
contact: Frank L. Parks
Requests Coordinator
Top Ten Reviews


5. (German site)
Contact: ... 97051.html

If you know any other popular web site on which Slimjet deserves a listing, feel free to mention it.

It'll also be helpful if you can post fair reviews of Slimjet on your favorite software download site:

1. listing: ... 68577.html
2. ... mjet.shtml

If you have other great ideas regarding how to help Slimjet grow stronger and more popular, feel free to bring them up in this thread or email us via support @
That's strange and full of links i can't understand yet.
I enjoyed it so much (being a very long-term Chrome user - basically since beta in Autumn 2008), that when I started using the still fairly new 64-bit Puppies, I developed a 64-bit .pet package for Pup.....and ever since, have been updating the packages for Puppians on a regular basis.

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Re: Help Slimjet Grow

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I actually second the previous posts sentiment almost exactly (in reference to chrome usage) and am happy to say I use his .pet on a few of my rigs. I have happily suggested you to the aforementioned contact lists. Really great job guys...I'm impressed.

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Re: Help Slimjet Grow

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I cannot set up a Gizmo account to post comments because Gizmo did not like my email address for some reason.
Dragon City seems to be about Android, an operating system that I do not use.
Since I use MacOS rather than Windows, I decided to contact Macworld.
I sent a message of recommendation to CHIP.
I also recommended Slimjet to someone on an Opera forum, since I think it out-performs Opera. Recently, Opera has become almost glacial in some of its performances.

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Re: Help Slimjet Grow

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I have been promoting Slimjet on my Insta profiles,some of my friends already in our team)

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Re: Help Slimjet Grow

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The simplest and easiest way is that you have to share it on social media platforms because nowadays these platforms are so popular and most of the whole world is using these platforms and you can also use this FMWhatsApp as second WhatsApp to promote slimjet fast.

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