Slimjet 1.0.11 released

Important Announcement on formal release, beta release, feature survey, bug fixes. Check it out!
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Slimjet 1.0.11 released

Post by flashpeak » Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:28 pm


Fixed crash when attempting to install ad blocker plugin.


Add support for search by voice on the new tab page.
Added option to place new tab from an existing tab at the end of all tabs.
Added bookmarks side panel.
Added support for backing up forms to zip file and restoring forms from zip file (Accessible from More->Backup forms/Restore forms from the drop down menu under the QuickFill button).
Added drop down menu from the new tab button (+). Right click on the new tab button to access the menu which shows all the sites defined on the new tab page.
Preliminary support for high-dpi mode.
Stephen Cheng
FlashPeak Inc.

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