Sort bookmarks by date? Bulk delete bookmarks

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Sort bookmarks by date? Bulk delete bookmarks

Post by nima_amin » Mon Feb 03, 2020 4:20 am

So I have by coincidence clicked on sort bookmarks by name, because did its usual up and down jump and now how do I get my previous order by date back. Is there a way?
Then I thought I import the bookmarks (the same) from a backup file. But instead of overwriting those alreday existent (all), it added them all over again. So I have everything twice, and the order is not restored at all. So how can I delete all the bookmarks, and after that import them from backup file?

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Re: Sort bookmarks by date? Bulk delete bookmarks

Post by michael-hi » Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:47 pm

I can't see any option to reorder them by date, so all I can suggest is to try again provided you still have your original backup as you say (backup the current wrongly-ordered bookmarks somewhere else first if you are unsure about this).

You can simply delete all the current bookmark folders in the Bookmark Manager (Ctrl-Shift-O to access the Bookmark Manager). Then right-click on your Bookmarks bar and make sure that "Reorder by title" is NOT selected. Then shut down Slimjet and restart it (even better log out from your computer and back in again) before importing your original backup again. Maybe it will work this time - but no guarantees!

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Re: Sort bookmarks by date? Bulk delete bookmarks

Post by Anonymosity » Mon Feb 03, 2020 2:04 pm

You should be able to turn off the sorting by name, and see the bookmarks in their original order. Bookmarks saved as .html will append to the current bookmarks, so you do have to weed out the duplicates.

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