Disabling ad blocker on a per site basis in Slimjet

If you are one of those people who are annoyed by obtrusive ads, chances are that you are already using the built-in ad blocker in Slimjet to eliminate most if not all of the ads. However, in some cases,  the ad blocker might block information that you actually want to see. Fortunately, the ad blocker can be disabled on a per site basis as a simple remedy to this problem.

To do this, first select the tab containing the site for which you wish to disable the ad blocker. After that, select “Ad blocker > Disable on this site” from the main menu of the browser. You can also choose “Disable on entire domain” if you want to disable it for the entire top level domain.


The same menu is also available for quicker access by clicking the ad blocker button on the toolbar if you have this button visible,



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