Stop eye irritation with automatic web page color inverting

Don’t like the white background from almost every website? You can automatically invert the text and background of all the web pages.

Why do we want to invert the color of web pages?

Many users who regularly work on their systems at night complain that a regular white web page hurt their eyes. We have added a new feature in Slimjet 6.0 for our users to easily Invert Web Page Colors. This option automatically inverts your web page color and let you browse internet without stressing your eyes.

Changing the global option: Invert web page color

To Invert Web Page Colors, select “Settings” from the main menu to open the settings page. After that, scroll down to the “Accessibility” section and locate the option “Invert web page color

Invert Web Page Color Option

After checking this option, the color of the background and text on the web page will be both inverted as shown below,



The image elements won’t be inverted in most cases so that normally users don’t want to see an image like a negative film.

Exclude a specific site from being automatically inverted

You might run into some websites which doesn’t look good with automatic color inversion. In that case, you can add those sites into an exception list which won’t be automatically inverted. To do that, first, customize the toolbar and add the toolbar button “Invert web page color” on the toolbar. Then click on the “Invert web page color” button and you will get a drop down menu as shown below,



Choose the option “Do not invert current site” and the current site will be added into an exclusion list. As you can see, this toolbar button can also be used a shortcut to quickly toggle the global option of automatic web page color inversion without diving into the settings page.